Accessories Sold Separately

You can now make the best possible use of space for every inch of your kitchen. Top-quality wire baskets used to be features that you would only get with a very expensive, high-end kitchen. The big advantage of having a custom kitchen is that, as with everything we do, we can offer these products separately. So now you can have many of the best features of a top-quality kitchen without having to spend a fortune on a complete new kitchen to get them!

Stretching Your Space

To make things easier to find, easier to get to and easier to use, we have accessories to fit even the most unusual of spaces. You’ll be surprised at how well your space can be utilized with the right accessory.

Kakoz Kitchens’ accessories include:

  • Baskets Pullout
  • Soft Closing Doors
  • Soft Closing Drawers
  • Extra Deep Drawers
  • Extra Deep Wall Cabinets
  • The Magic Corner
  • Cans Organizers
  • Custom Closet Organizers
  • Pantry Organizers
  • Traditional and Modern Handles

And much more!

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